Meet your hypnotist

Eileen Wolf, M.Sc, LMT, MH

From a young age, Eileen always knew she was called to help others to heal.
After over a dozen years working in hospitals, she took the time to raise her children.
When she re-entered the world of "work" she found that much had changed...and that she no longer fit into that standard Western model of healing or health care.
Seeking advice from the Universe itSelf, she followed the path she was shown in a dream: to create and hold space for others' healings, and assist them with every tool possible along the way.

She began studying energy healing, and is a Reiki Master and a certified Pranic Healer. Her signature blend of energy work - BlissPoint Energetics - has helped thousands of clients to heal on the physical level, and beyond.
Following the path, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her bodywork practice, OmPowered Wellness, was an organic fusion of her love of helping others to heal and her Divinely given intuitive gifts that include the instinctive ability to feel and sense others' discomforts.

The study of Metaphysics has been part of Eileen's life since she was born. One of her sisters studied and taught metaphysics and took Eileen to many events, classes, and workshops, so she grew up steeped in Astrology, Astral Travel, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regressions, the understanding of Mind and Consciousness, and many other such topics. As her practice grew, Eileen chose to pursue her PhD in Metaphysics. She has completed her Masters in Metaphysical Sciences, and is working on her Dissertation.

Hypnosis was one of the subjects Eileen studied in pursuit of her B.Sc. As she read, researched, and wrote, she became fascinated with the science of hypnosis, recognizing it as the synthesis of everything she'd ever studied or pursued as a healing modality.

She recognized the great power of hypnosis, which gives each person the opportunity to rewrite their own life's programming; editing, amplifying, and rerouting as they choose.
She has devoted herself to studying and practicing hypnosis, and is currently a Master Hypnotist and member of the International Hypnosis Federation.

Her classroom and school, Bliss Center STL, offers classes and workshops under its Mission of Mind Expansion & Soul Growth.

Her personal Mission is to change the world, one heart at a time.